Amy Perona, 200 RYT

Amy Perona, Instructor

Amy first discovered Ashtanga yoga at her local YMCA.  With every class, training and workshop she takes she constantly works to grow her practice beyond the physical and toward connecting the mind and spirit. It is this connection between the three (body, mind and spirit) that she emphasizes in her classes. Amy’s goal is to create a space where everyone can find something new about themselves through physical movement and clarity of mind.

Amy has completed her 200RYT Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training with Suddha Weixler at the Chicago Yoga Studio.  “After 15 plus years of practice, I’m seeking santosa (contentment) in my daily life, while striving to stay healthy and peaceful for many years to come.”

Alyssa Rios 200 RYT

Alyssa Rios, Instructor

While attending the Aveda Institute of Chicago in 1006, Alyssa’s interest in the ancient roots of Ayurveda began to blossom.  The healing tradition of life science, interconnectedness of all things, balance and well-being led her to begin practicing yoga.  Alyssa practices a vinyasa style yoga, which combines daily asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Alyssa has completed her 200RYT Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA under the guidance of Ganga White and Tracy Rich.  “I’m filled with gratitude for every spark of inspiration that has lit my path in finding balance and harmony both on and off my mat.”

Lindsey Rose Krzyzek, 200 RYT

Lindsey Rose Krzyzek, Instructor

Lindsey has been practicing various styles of yoga since 2010, but it wasn’t until she arrived in a Forrest Yoga class in Colorado where she found her true calling. In Chicago of September 2015, she completed 204 hours of training under Ana Forrest, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga. Lindsey is incredibly grateful for her experience and hopes to share the knowledge and wisdom she has received to safely teach a class. Since she has a social work background, she often weaves themes into her classes that are related to emotional and mental health. Her greatest wish for students is to find tools that will help them live life in a pain-free way so they are able to connect deeper with their own bodies, true selves, and spirit.

Joanne Perona

Joanne Perona, Instructor

Joanne embodies the essence of yoga, creating a safe place while empowering her students to release, let go and discover their inner self.  With honed communication skills, Joanne has the unique ability to reach everyone, regardless of experience.  No one leaves without gaining some fresh insight, inspired to grow further.  Her classes are known for being intuitive and appropriately challenging, integrating breath with movement and understanding.

Joanne has been acquiring knowledge and experience by practicing for well over a decade.  Her dedication began at the Illinois Valley YMCA.  Joanne joined GRUV as an instructor almost two years ago.  She has practiced in numerous studios in San Diego, CA as well as Chicago, IL.  When possible, she takes advantage of participating in long weekend workshops with renowned instructors from around the United States.  In the summer, you may find Joanne practicing in Millennium Park, or North Avenue and Oak Street Beach.

Dwayne Proffitt

Dwayne Proffitt, Instructor

My goal is to share the amazing gift of yoga with as many souls as I can. I tend to teach a little old school as I like to flow gracefully from pose to pose with a lot of slow steady holds. I focus on coordinating movement and breath with strong emphasis on the breath and core work. 

Margie King – 200 RYT

Margie King, Instructor

When you begin to practice yoga there will be a class you attend where the teacher makes all the difference, Margie King is that teacher. Margie’s passion for yoga and compassion for her students radiates through every asana in her classes. Her beautiful approach to combining mind, body, and spirit can’t be missed. Whether you are a beginner, or more advanced student, Margie’s awareness for each and everyone of her student’s in her classes is what will heighten your own experience on your mat. Margie was introduced to Bikram yoga nearly 20 years ago, spent many years practicing Ashtanga, and finally finding her passion in vinyasa flow. Margie began instructing yoga locally in 2004, but could not resist the opportunity to introduce even more people to the practice and opened GRUV YOGA and SCULPT in October of 2011. Her strong background in dance will make you feel as if you are flowing through each movement with grace. She will challenge you to stay connected to breath, as you begin to engage in the beautiful practice of YOGA. In Margie’s classes you are guaranteed to feel how music and yoga combined together, create a beautiful, strong, powerful GRUV. You will leave each class wanting to come back for more.

Always a student, Margie has learned and continues to learn much from some very well know yogi’s and even more through many not so well know yogi’s every single day.  Margie completed her 200 RYT Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training under the guidance and support of Ganga White and Tracey Rich at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA.

Teresa Colmone

Teresa Colmone, Instructor

Teresa has been cultivating her own practice for five years.  Yoga is one of her passions in life and she approaches class with enthusiasm, humor, and joy.  As yoga began to transform her life, she looked for ways to deepen her practice.  In the summer of 2014 she implemented a yoga program for student athletes and in the fall she became a member of the GRUV staff.

Teresa hopes to help others develop body awareness and a balance between flexibility and strength, as well as connection with their most honest self.  Teresa’s class will have a strong Ashtanga base with some vinyasa flow and restorative poses mixed in.  “I want my students to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after my class.”

Scotty Guynn

Scotty Guynn, Instructor

I started practicing more days than not in 2014. Yoga has helped restore my health, my faith and my consciousness by building a relationship with my breathe. I met my mentor Kecia Lee while vacationing with Grandma in sunny San Diego! I knew I wanted her to help further my practice. After fighting with bad habits, I decided to pack my car and head to Carlsbad California. . I finished my Yoga Teacher Training in fall of 2015. My class will be a structured sequence with easy flowing music and fun heart felt theming.
Look forward to seeing you on your mat!

Laurie Bonucci

Laurie Bonucci, Instructor

Yoga has been an active part of Laurie’s life since she began her practice January 1, 2002.  A student of Vinyasa flow, Laurie has traveled to study at workshops with Kali Om, Ana Forest, Janna Parker, and the Dharma Mittra among others.  She has attended the Steamboat Movement Fest since it began where she practiced with Wade Gotwals and Rusty Wells.  These teachers showed her the beauty to be found in a regular practice.  Results can be seen on the outside and felt on the inside.  “Yoga heals,” is her mantra as she believes in the power of yoga to transform.  Laughter and play are part of her classes and the hope that her students feel lighter when they leave the TANA studio after class.  When not teaching at TANA shes in the mountain or on a horse or in her garden.

Charissa Ferrari

Charissa Ferrari, Instructor

Emily Graham

Emily Graham – Instructor