because everyone deserves the gift of yoga we did not want to leave out the littles, out of this grew our KIDS YOGA classes.....

Rachel's Day in the Garden

(available in pdf. when you RSVP)

“My girls love attending yoga twice a week at TANA YOGA Studio.  The practice of yoga has taught them balance, strength, mindfulness from both a physical & mental aspect.  Lessons of confidence & kindness are always incorporated into the classes as well. I truly believe introducing our children to practices like yoga will help them become less stressed, more capable adults.”

Alexis Anderes

“My daughter absolutely loves attending the kids yoga classes at TANA.  I have watched over the last several months as she’s learned to improve her self-confidence, strength, balance, interpersonal skills, and creativity.  I don’t doubt that all of these can be attributed at least partly to her participation in KIDS YOGA at TANA. It’s a tremendous gift to our community that this program is being offered.”

Kevin Kramer

“My daughter Nelle has been attending Kids Yoga at TANA.  She loves it and I love it for her! She is learning and experiencing the benefits of yoga at a young age.  In addition to yoga, Nelle is learning social and emotional skills to help her through the trials and tribulations of life.”

Beth Potthoff


TUESDAY 3:30-4:30pm

 THURSDAY 3:30-4:30pm


Walk-in $8/child

Mostly Unlimited $25


(815) 780-2504

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