Yoga Etiquette

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Something a little closer fitting to the body works best.
No shoes are worn in the yoga room. If you would like to wear socks you may, however you may find it
difficult for some poses.

Yoga makes us very attune to all senses. Please arrive at class clean and free of heavy fragrances, as
others may have an adverse reaction, (such as migraines), to it. Lotions can also cause hands and feet to
be very slippery on the mat as well as clog pores.

It is best not to eat a heavy meal two hours before class. A light snack, (fruit or protein), is appropriate up
to 30 minutes before class.

Give yourself enough time before class for signing in, making payments and taking a moment of
meditation to relax from the day. (10-15 min.) Let the instructor know of any injuries or health issues that
you may have prior to class.

Upon entering the studio, please remove shoes and coats in entry. Turn off cell phone. Personal
belongings are your responsibility. You may leave them in entry, or bring into yoga room. Please try to
keep items to a minimum, as our space is somewhat limited.

Please try to keep late arrivals to a minimum. If you do arrive late please be quiet and respectful of the
energy in the room as you find your space.

We have mats at the studio for use. Please wipe down mat at the end of class with cleaner in back of
room. Eventually, you will probably want to purchase a mat for personal use. You are welcome to leave
your personal mat at the studio. You may want to write your name on edge of your mat.

During class please remember that if something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Ease out of the pose. Some of
the asanas, (poses), will feel challenging of course, but you should never feel physical pain. Back off the
pose and notify the instructor. Remember that this is your practice.

Hands on instruction will be provided to help you find freedom and benefit in your poses. If you are at all
uncomfortable with this, please advise your instructor before class.

Have fun.

Be free.





(it’s just yoga)