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Updated: Oct 2, 2022

"hold the image in your mind of the person you are becoming." (Glennon Doyle/Untamed)

Time away doesn't necessarily mean "time off" for me however, this is quite possibly one of my favorite spots to roll out my mat. Wherever I go I take my practice. On this particular day I was teaching a class for TANA Yoga Studio. My daughter came out and snapped a couple pictures while I was teaching. Looking back at them it would be easy for me to over analyze every detail of the photo. How do I look? Is my form right and so on, and so on. On this particular day when she sent me the photos I was caught up in the beauty of my surroundings. I remember the class feeling good, connected, fluid and meaningful and that's what I took away from these photo. Not the image of me in the space but rather the imagine in my mind of this moment. A memory of time spent away with my daughter and family.

Sunsets, sunshine and the beach

I'm a pisces so naturally I gravitate to the water and there is nothing better than a long day spent at the beach. A little sun kissed, sandy and ready for a long nap after a day spent doing very little. I love that feeling.

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